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the weekend*

okay so this weekend was differant which was good.

friday after school i went to track and i actually didnt cut or anything so i was proud of myself. i came home and found out we were going to adam's house which was something differant and a group of new people where there which is good because every now and then you need to mix things up. so we went to his house around 8:30. it was me, kristy, lc gallz, ally, adam, eric, pat, pete and andrew. so then i showed everyone my isish step dancing and eric insisted he could do it but the steps to the cottoneyed joe werent exacltly it. soo i played ping pong with adam for like an hour and a half no joke. we watched harold and kumar go to white castle andd then i attempted to play the drums. afterwards we went outside and hung out. it was a cool night. i came home and talked to nikki for like 2 hours.

on sat. i woke up at like 8:45 and went to the penn relays to watch my brother and everyone else run. soooo we drove down and where there the whole day. i got some shopping done and wow i officially love college campus'  and college guys. so then i met up with the family and watched shp run during a terrential down pour. they did awesome which was good. so on the way back home we stopped at the liberty bell...and then drove home through traffic. we didnt get back till like 8:30. then at like 9:15ish i went to lc's house accompanied by like 30 other people no joke. it was a lot of fun which was good. so also.... yeah we were watching some movie but noone really watched it and yes it was made in 1987 lc not 1997. so then i went in the other room and hung out and talked with lc, andrea, anthony, ker, brendan and kei. but got like major add so i basically changed from room to room every 5 minutes. so around 11:30 ish my bro and jimmy came and picked me up and we gave jack a ride home.

today i slept the entire day. i talked to mal who i miss so much and havnt seen in forever because shes never here!!!! so yeah someday this week we are getting manicures and pedicures and chinese food for dinner. so now i actually have something in the weeek to look foward too. now im going to babysit which should be but whatever i have to come up with a meal for their dinner.  so im babysitting from like 4-12, so i guess that means we are going to have a little shopping party this weekend. okay i really should be leaving now.

love, cait

Posted at Sunday, May 01, 2005 by cait_buzz
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the blog is back.

I have decided to make this journal again just because Im extremeley bored and have come to the conclusion I like to write down whats on my mind because you always tend to get in trouble for saying whats on your here I go.

As I sit here blasting my music and sulking over my incredibly boring life, I wonder what things would be like if something exciting ever happend because nothing ever does. Today was boring and the usual school day, the only thing i accomplished was painting my nails in assembely and Chem. This week has been horrible, it was extremely long and doesnt seem to be going away. The best thing happening was getting a pink slip on tuesday =)  Although recieving a detention for being......maybe 10 minutes late to class isn't that rebelious, it satisfies me.  Yes, I at this point in my life I have lost hope in anything and everything and therefore I dont care about anything anymore.

Last night I went out and it was a lot of fun. It wasn't the same group of people as always, but it was a good change of pase I guess.

I'm looking foward to this weekend just to get everything off my mind. Hopefully we can do something fun and differant, out of the ordinary but its a few days away so I guess I'll just think about it in class for the rest of the week.

Love, Cait

Posted at Wednesday, April 27, 2005 by cait_buzz
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